The Hamilton Restaurant Menu

Featured Originals

Kopper Palmer

Belmont Farms Kopper Kettle Vodka, PUR Elderflower Liqueur, fresh lemon juice, honey syrup and iced tea. The way "Palmer" would have wanted it.

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Blackwell Rum Punch

Blackwell dark rum, strawberry purée, lemon juice, orange juice , garnished with a dash of lemon zest...summer time in a glass.

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Apricot Julep

Michter's bourbon, apricot purée, vanilla syrup, and a slapped mint leaf. This is the fruitier side to a southern tradition.

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Texas Nights

Tromba Blanco tequila, fresh jalapeños, fresh lime juice, cilantro with a Guajillo salt & sugar rim. This keeps the little doggies gettin.

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